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Hi, I’m Danielle and I am a manfiesting coach and an intuitive healing guide.

I help people redesign their lifestyles to lead happier, healthier lives that are on purpose and I guide clients toward their inner healing to allow for faster manifesting of their desires.

I am able to help others transform because I first transformed myself. 

I was a party girl spiraling downward at a quick pace when I discovered personal development and spirituality. I was able to use what I learned to get my life on the right track, but I still wanted more.

I wanted more joy, more peace, more abundance, more freedom. I felt destined for more though I struggled with depression and anxiety.

When The Secret came out, it resonated and led me to take a deep dive into the laws of attraction, quantum physics, spiritual texts and blend them to create a frame work that helped me transform my life further. 

I was able to manifest my husband after a soul-crushing breakup. I manifested my two, healthy children naturally after being told I needed infertility treatments. I manifested my thriving business after toiling in corporate america unsure of how to pursue my passion. And I manifested my home in South Florida very similar to one on my vision board. 

I now teach the manifestation techniques that I used to help my clients intentionally manifest miracles big and small. 

In 2017 I began a new spiritual transformation which opened me up to my intuitive abilities and deepened my connection with the universe. I was always able to read people like a book. I thought it was normal and that everyone could. It wasn’t until I learned that my abilities were actually claircognizance and clairsentience that I took them seriously and used them to help myself and others. I’m now able to give to my clients further by tapping in to spirit and allowing divine guidance to assist with their transformation. 


They Like me, They Really like me!

I swear I didn’t pay them to say this stuff.

“Danielle’s unique brand of coaching is a positive kick in the butt. Her enthusiasm and genuine spirit guided me in a direction that allowed me to take charge of my life.”

Tiffani Greenaway


“Danielle is a natural as a coach. Her sincere and enthusiastic interest in my agenda and helping me reach my goals was reassuring. She kept things in my life on track and moving forward and I will never forget what I have learned with her guidance. Thanks Danielle!”

Stephanie Richmond


“Danielle is a wonderful coach. I feel like she listens to my needs with the belief that I can achieve anything that I bring forward in a session and she helps me set positive goals each week.”

Josh Rivedal


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Danielle Faust | Coach, Intuitive Healing Guide, Speaker

Let me help you manifest exactly what you want with ease