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What I do

When people ask me what I do, I usually tell them

 “I help people get their shit together, manifest what they want and be happy!”   

Let’s just say through my intuitive coaching I help YOU:


Learn what spirit has to share with you. Get answers to your nagging questions and receive guidance from your angels.


Go from where you are now to where you want to be through conscious lifestyle re-design, goal setting and new habits.


Manifest your life’s desires happily and intentionally through a variety of spiritual and practical tools, tips and tricks that work for YOU.

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E-Books & Courses

Check out the Attractionista 101 Online Course.

Learn everything you need to know to begin manifesting the life you want Right Now. (Yeah, like right now, right now.)

Love Notes

“Danielle’s unique brand of coaching is a positive kick in the butt. Her enthusiasm and genuine spirit guided me in a direction that allowed me to take charge of my life.”

Tiffani G.

My story

Short version: 

I used the laws of intention, attraction and all the self help materials out there to  create a process to intentionally manifest a healthy lifestyle after being a party girl, manifest my marriage after failure, two healthy children naturally after an infertility diagnosis, the house from my vision board, a conversation (and selfie!) with my she-ro Oprah,  the thriving business I visualized and much more. 

I now help women just like you manifest their dopest lives as well.

Long version:

Well… It’ll probably be better if you just click the button below…

Let me help you become the happiest person you know.